What are Gospel Movements?

In short, Gospel movements are extraordinary movements of God through ordinary people.

These movements are composed of people who are willing to respond obediently to Jesus’s call to make disciples and to multiply the Gospel everywhere.

Over the last few decades many movements have emerged globally through the efforts of multiple people, coalitions, and organizations. For the uninitiated, you may have heard people may reference these as “disciple-making movements” “T4T movements,” or “church planting movements.”

These movements have several defining characteristics:

  1. Fueled by Prayer- All great movements of God start with dependence on God in prayer (Matthew 6:9, Luke 10:2)

  2. Reproducible- the growth of Gospel movements is fueled by each part reproducing itself. The goal is not just making one disciple, but making disciple makers; who multiply the Gospel to the 4th generation and beyond (2 Tim 2:2)

  3. Disciple-making- A process of teaching people to live as apprentices of Jesus. This will happen when people learn to trust Jesus with their lives and obey His loving reign. (Matthew 7:24-25, Matthew 11:28-30, Matthew 28:18-20)

  4. Transformational- many individuals and their communities will experience holistic transformation as a result of the Gospel’s deep work. (Jeremiah 32:38-40; Romans 12:1-2)

*some language and definitions adapted from Accelerate Teams and the RAD CPM plan.

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