In order for 2.8 million people in the Greater Vancouver Area to hear the Gospel, every follower of Jesus must be equipped to make disciples. The Great Commission was never intended to be reserved for "professionals," but every Christian has a part to play in Jesus' Kingdom work. By multiplying simple churches and providing movement training, we desire to see Metro Vancouver transformed from the inside out by the gospel (Ezekiel 36:22-38).

Transformation City seeks to be a mission-shaped church that multiplies disciples across the Lower Mainland and beyond.

Why Simple Churches?

  • Simple means little to no money (Vancouver is the 3rd least affordable city in the world).

  • Simple means easier and quicker to reproduce (can meet almost any time and anywhere).

  • Simple is not reliant upon full-time staff (can be led by bi-vocational leaders).

Why a Training Centre?

  • In order to reach every segment of Metro Vancouver, all believers must be trained in a clear path to take an individual from lostness to healthy church.

  • Training will create space to identify church planters, team leaders, or international missionaries. They may affiliate with our team or partner in a regional coalition devoted to seeing #NoPlaceLeft where the gospel has not been preached.

  • Training allows for collaboration with existing churches to further expand their evangelism and discipleship efforts.

no place left


No Place Left is a movement of movements aimed at getting to no place left where Christ is not made known in our generation. (Romans 15:23)

No Place Left Coalition